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Addélice is committed to repairing the Swid Immersion Circulator for 10 years

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Press release

Stuttgart, December 11th, 2017 – Addélice, European leader in the design and manufacture of immersion circulators devoted to sous vide cooking, is proud to announce its commitment to ensuring the repairability of the SWID and SWID Premium immersion circulators for 10 years*. Since 2009, Addélice is continuously innovating by conceiving and manufacturing more powerful, accurate and reliable immersion circulators.

Addélice’s initiative is driven by the desire to improving its products, enhancing customer loyalty and help reducing the production of electronic and electrical waste.

Antoine Rémy – Managing Director at Addélice: “Caterers, Chefs or Butchers frequently contact us to share their disappointment when their sous vide equipment breaks down after the warranty period. Either the device is a low-end equipment and therefore often impossible to have it repaired, or the cost of the repair is high if, by chance, the part to be replaced is still available from the manufacturer or a repairer… “.

Addelice decided, in 2016, to respond and proposed customers the possibility of undertaking a 2-year warranty extension on the Swid immersion circulator, which brings to 4 years the Swid warranty. This is a world first for a heavy-duty professional sous vide equipment.

In 2017, Addélice’s engineers thoroughly modified the design of the Swid to ensure it could be easily dismantled and each components simply accessible and replaceable. All necessary information is made available to the repair sector in the form of exploded views and videos. On request, our customers could also benefit from these videos and printed copy tutorials, with Addelice’s personalized supervision and support.

The price of each component is transparent and competitive compared to the price of a brand new immersion circulator.

Thus, Addelice guarantees the possibility to repair the Swid and Swid Premium after the warranty period and for many years.

(*) with the exception of USA/Canada and as from 2017/12/11

Press Contact: Antoine Rémy





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