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SWID’s 2 years warranty extension

Addelice is a German company that designs, manufactures and distributes the SWID since 2009. Since January 2016 Addelice proposes, in addition to the 2-years manufaturer warranty, a 2-years warranty extension for EUR 65 incl. VAT. In 2009 Addélice was the first company in the world to design an immersion circulator dedicated to sous vide. Now we are the first to propose up to 4 years warranty!

Warranty extensions are often poorly perceived by consumers, for good reasons. Main consumer associations’ criticisms are the following:

  • The extension of warranty is not useful,

  • The warranty extension does not cover wear parts,

  • The warranty extension is nominative and can not be ceded in case of resale of the device…

A sous vide immersion circulator is a device that can be used by the professional 24/24, 6 days a week and 10 months out of 12. The SWID is constantly exposed to water vapor and high temperatures. In other words, the SWID is subjected to intensive use. An extension of warranty is therefore not as useless as it seems compared to an electronic or mechanical device that would be used only rarely.

Addelice undertakes to cover all parts of the SWID, including wear and tear, with the exception of parts with aesthetic defects (scratches, etc.).

Addélice warranty extension is transferable. You can resell it with your SWID.

Still a doubt: check out our contract here.

For any information do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.



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