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Independent Product Comparison Test of Food Service Equipment

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

In 2016, the German Foodservice-Equipement website published a comparison of the three most representative sous vide immersion circulators available on the German market:

The comparison (in German) is available in Pdf format on the Food Service Equipment website. To download this comparison you can also click on the image below.

We have translated for you the final comment of the review for each immersion circulator. The result is without appeal! The SWID is certainly the best value for money.

LV.50 by Lavide: “The Lv50 is a good immersion circulator for intensive use, but its low power capacity is not acceptable for a midrange device. Regardless of its excellent performance you need to consider whether it is justified to pay EUR 300 more (than the SWID) while having 63% less power. Conclusion: "too expensive in terms of performance.”

SWID by Addelice: “The SWID of Addelice is a robust immersion circulator. You must look beyond the plastic casing. The 3 mm thick steel structure quickly compensates for this point. The SWID’s power is identical to the FusionChef Pearl, for a much lower price. The price of the SWID is also more competitive compared to the Lavide LV.50. Conclusion: "the winner value for money price (based on objective criterion).”

Pearl by FusionChef: “The FusionChef Pearl comes from the laboratory world and benefits from Julabo’s experience. However, if an ultra-stability of ± 0.02 ° C may be required in the laboratory, we doubt about such needs for culinary applications The power of the pump is appreciable but the latter can be damaged in case of contact with a foreign body. Fusion Chef only issues the Pearl price on request. The cheapest price we found on the internet was EUR 1,000 excl. VAT. Conclusion: "better mixing of water (objective criterion), beautiful look (subjective criterion).”

Final conclusion of the test: “In order to carry out this comparison, the Editorial team has tested these 3 immersion circulators. The SWID by Addélice has proved its performance and reliability over the last 3 years of use.

The three devices tested can be considered as suitable for intensive professional use. ”

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