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Maintenance of the SWID Immersion Circulator

How to descale a sous vide immersion circulator?

Since 2009 Addelice develops a strong and close relationship with its customers, mostly professionals. We constantly work on improving the SWID. We are also by your side in case your SWID immersion circulator needs maintenance. Addélice’s team is at your disposal to answer questions and solve your problems.

A frequently asked question: what kind of regular maintenance does my immersion circulator need?

1. Prevention

Before performing maintenance operations on your SWID it is important to observe standards of good practice and care-follow on the SWID. The following applies to all sous vide cookers on the market:

  • While in operation, place your immersion circulator in a ventilated area, as far away from a source of dust or fat (frying pan, deep fryer…) as possible.

  • Limescale deposits: do not pour vinegar in the waterbath in order to lower the hardness of your water. Vinegar, even heated at low temperature, creates acetic acid vapors. Over time these acid vapors can corrode electronic components and thus reduce the reliability of your immersion circulator.

  • Just refilling and not exchanging the water in your pot/tank every day for a week will greatly increase the concentration of calcium in your water-bath. This habit should be avoided. As soon as you get the chance, fully empty your tank and add fresh water.

  • The SWID is a brim-full of electronics precision instrument: your immersion circulator contains a computer performing thousands of calculations per second that is positioned  over a steam bath during many hours… Suffice to say that your swid is subject to significant stress. During operation, the inside of the SWID is ventalited by a powerful fan. When the SWID is switched off but still attached to the water bath, steam can condensate inside the immersion circulator. It is commonly recommended by all manufacturers, after each use, to remove the immersion circulator from the container.

2. Descaling and degreasing of your immersion circulator

All immersed parts of the SWID are stainless steel and easily accessible. No tools or disassembly processes are required for cleaning or descaling the SWID. We recommend carrying out the following maintenance operations after each week of intensive use of the SWID immersion circulator:

Degreasing: poorly sealed vacuum pouches can leak or open during the cooking process. Therefore the immersed parts of the SWID can become fatty. The float switch of your SWID is an important safety part of your immersion circulator. Make sure it is not stuck because of fat. Your stainless steel float switch can easily be cleaned with dish soap. Simply run the Swid at 30 ° C in a small pot with soapy water for one hour.

Descaling: unlike most of our competitors’ products, the mechanism for stirring (pump) the water bath is very simple and easy to descale.

Which product to use for descaling the heater element of my immersion circulator?

There is no need to purchase products “especially designed” to clean your heater. Some products are available on the market at low cost. We have selected two for you:

  • Citric acid: it is natural, biodegradable and non-toxic to humans and the environment. You can find a kg of citric acid on Ebay or Amazon  for less than € 10. Place your immersion circulator in a small pot filled with water. Add one tablespoon of citric acid in 5-8 liters of water. Set the SWID at 50 ° C for 1 hour. Rinse the SWID with fresh water.

  • Sulfamic Acid (H3NSO3) is a chemical compound widely used in the industry and to clean household coffee makers (Starwax), for example. Sulfamic acid can easily be found online in bulk (1 Kg for less than € 10). Please observe the conditions for use on the package.

Should you have any question feel free to contact us.