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The New SWID 2015, Now Available!

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

The platinium Pt100 temperature sensor of the SWID ensure excellent reliability and longevity of your equipment.

Since July 2009 Addélice designs, manufactures and distributes the SWID, an Immersion Circulator dedicated to sous vide cooking. The year 2015 will be a banner year for Addélice marked by the launch of the new version of SWID. The new SWID is probably the most reliable and advanced Professional Cooking Immersion Circulator of the market. Its technical specifications are outstanding and suit to the most demanding Chefs. What makes the SWID more reliable than its competitors?

  • The SWID benefits from a Pt100 temperature sensor made of platinum. In other words the SWID’s probe is immutable, it cannot lose accuracy. Therefore your SWID will never require any calibration. Which is not the case for most of the other Immersion Circulators of the market. Your SWID is highly accurate and will remain so.

  • With its 2,000W the SWID is one of the most powerful Immersion Circulator of the market. This represents a considerable advantage especially for Caterers who quickly need to bring water baths up to 58 liters up to temperature at clients’ premises. Note that it will take almost twice as long for a competitor with a 1,300W device compared to the SWID heating the same volume of water.

  • Stability of water bath’s temperature is key in sous vide cooking. Combi ovens suffer from significant temperature variations (sometimes several Celsius degrees between the top and bottom of the oven). The SWID has a stability of ± 0.05 ° C  in a pot of 8 liters as well as in a 2/1 GN container of 58 liters . This “surgical” precision is a true asset to your cooking and reheating (regenerating) works.

In addition to these three important points, the SWID also has these advantages:

  • – All immersed parts are of the SWID are stainless steel for long-term reliability,

  • The ultra portability and lightness of the SWID (2 kg),

  • In relation to its technical specifications the SWID is the most competitive Immersion Circulator of the market.

Addélice also offers customized services:

  • – Should you have any questions, we will answer to you by email within 12 hours,

  • Your equipment broke down and you need an Immersion Circulator in less than 48 hours? Our DHL Express service will meet your request.

A Customer Service that meets your needs:

  • –  Addelice offers a worldwide 2 years warranty, parts and labour,

  • Who better than Addélice can repair or overhaul your SWID Immersion Circulator? In case of a problem please return the SWID for inspection to our Customer Service Center in Germany. The SWID will be inspected and repaired the day we receive it and tested all night long. Your device will be shipped back the next day. In other words you will miss your Swid about 6 days only.

For further information, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.



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