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This Starter Pack is composed of the Lava V.100 Premium vacuum machine with a double sealing strip and the SWID immersion circulator. The Pack includes some vacuum pouches of different sizes. All you need for an excellent start in Sous Vide Cooking is contained in this Pack.
Save 50€ compared to buying the components separately.


Lava V.100 Premium Vacuum Sealer
The V.100 Premium is designed for continuous operation in private households and professional environments alike. Troublefree use of plain vacuum pouches (with a minimum thickness of 120µ). Optical bar display for strength of vacuum. Automatic sealing strip cooling system - standard for a Lava machine. New high-power piston pump LTP with ball bearings. Removable liquid trap - saves the pump from liquids. Very important! Oversized sealing transformers to avoid overheating. Up to 1,000 seals in a row or continuous operation for many hours is no problem. Stepless adjustable sealing time, perfect for sealing pouches of different thicknesses (up to a 200µ pouch). All gaskets are removable and can easily be cleaned and replaced. Maintenance-free machine - no follow-up costs!

- Pump capacity: 35 L/min

- Max. vacuum: -0.90 bar (-900 mbar)

- Sealing strip length: (double sealing strip) 340 mm each

- Max. power: 500 Watt

- Dimensions: 410 x 235 x 98 mm (WxDxH)

- Weight: 4.40 kg

SWID Immersion Circulator
The SWID is the world’s first immersion circulator dedicated to Sous-Vide cooking. Our engineers have designed the SWID with top chefs’ requirements and cooking purposes in mind. Thanks to its ease of use and very competitive price, the SWID is also ideal for home use. The SWID is a plug and play device. Connect the mains of the SWID, set the desired temperature of the water bath and the timer, vacuum-seal the food in a pouch and then submerge it in the water bath. The SWID will precisely control the temperature of the water bath and ensure perfect and reproducible results. The SWID is easy to clean, compact and can be stored easily in a kitchen drawer.

Operating the SWID
The SWID features a powerful 2,000W heater and reaches the desired target temperature quickly. Operating the SWID is a breeze – all functions can be controlled with just three buttons. The two displays and two LEDs allow easy monitoring of all relevant cooking parameters. The SWID benefits from an exclusive Adaptive PID Control – the SWID 'autotunes' itself to the used container by calculating the bath volume and adjusting the control parameters accordingly. The SWID has a smart timer which will start counting down from the set time once the target temperature has been reached. When the set time has elapsed, an audio signal is emitted, the timer starts blinking and acts like a stopwatch so you always have full control over the complete cooking process.

Safety Features
The SWID benefits from a low water level protection. A float switch will automatically shut down the unit to prevent accidents if the water level inside the bath is too low. Furthermore the swid has a protective grid which shields the heating element from accidental touches, a cooking temperature limiter, a control unit temperature limiter and a cooking time limiter.

Technical Specifications
- Temperature Control: PID (Adaptive), Microprocessor Controlled
- Heating Power: 2,000 W
- 220 Volt
- Circulation Pump: 8L/min
- Max. Water Bath Volume: 58 L
- Displays: one for temperature control, one for the timer
- Dimensions: 124mm/190/268mm (4.9"/7.5"/10.5")
- Weight: 2.1 kg ( 4.8 lbs)
- Min. immersion depth: 8.5 cm
- Max. immersion depth: 14 cm
- Min. container height: 18 cm
- Display: Digital LED / 0.1°C resolution
- Operating Temperature Range: 25° - 95° C
- Accuracy : Pt100 (Platinium) probe for extreme precision and reliability
- Stability: ± 0.05°C
- Max. Continuous Operating Time: 99 hours
- Low Water Level Protection: integrated float switch
- Protective Grid: integrated
- Max. Temperature Protection
- Max. Cooking Time Limiter

Operating Manual of the Swid is available in English, French, German.

2 years international warranty

Our Parnters:

Sous Vide Starter Pack: SWID + LAVA V100P


The SWID benefits from 2 years manufacturer's warranty.
Give yourself 24 months extra tranquillity with the SWID's Extended Warranty. Click here for more information

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