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We offer two types of vacuum machines: clamp machines (or external bag vacuum machines) and vacuum chamber machines.

The clamp vacuum machine is a good start for cooking sous vide. Nevertheless this type of machine has some drawbacks: vacuum power is limited, need of special type of bag (textured bags on one side), it is difficult to put sous vide juicy food stuffs. The risk is also that liquid gets into the pump and breaks it.
We have selected for you the German LAVA vacuum clamp machine because of its exceptional vacuum capabilities (up to ‐0.94 bar), double sealing bars and a specific fluid trap (in the case liquid is vacuum into the machine, you can collect it into a box before it gets into the pump).
LAVA vacuum machines is the best economical option for those who to don't have the budget or the place for professional vacuum chamber sealer machine.

Vacuum chamber machines are made for professional needs. These machines are heavy duty machines with a big pump to vacuum up to -0.99 bar! You can put under vacuum juicy foodstuff, marinade and even liquids! No need of ribbed bags to use such machine. The main drawbacks of vacuum chamber machines are the high price of the machine, the size and the weight of the machine and maintenance. Oil of the pump needs to be changed once or twice a year.

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