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Extreme temperature accuracy and stability is needed to cook sous vide. Therefore we designed and made the SWID for you, Chef! Since 2009 we are constantly improving the performance and reliability of the SWID. We are the only manufacturer in the world to propose up to 4 years warranty and 10 years repairability on an immersion circulator, the SWID.

Of course, what would be Sous Vide without a vacuum of quality? We have selected for you, according to your budget, two starter packs. The Sous Vide Starter Pack, excellent value for money, composed of the SWID and the LAVA V.100 Premium clamp vacuum machine. And the Professional Sous Vide Pack composed of the SWID and the MiniVac a compact professional vacuum chamber machine, for exceptional vacuum results and extended possibilities.

SWID Immersion Circulator

475 € incl.19% VAT

The SWID is a professional immersion circulator devoted to sous vide cooking, Made in Germany.

  • Very powerful: 2,000 W

  • Extremely accurate: Pt100 probe with 4 wires

  • Extremely stable: ± 0.05°C

  • All immersed parts are made of high quality stainless steal

  • Worldwide 2 years warranty (optional 4 years warranty)

  • 10 years repairability

Sous Vide Starter Pack

739 € (incl. 19% VAT)

We have selected for you the best bundle pack to start with sous vide cooking:

  • SWID immersion circulator

  • Lava V.100 Premium vacuum clamp machine

Professional Sous Vide Pack

1,699 € (incl. 19% VAT)

High quality vacuum is key for sous vide cooking. For this professional pack we have selected for you:

  • SWID immersion circulator

  • MiniVac vacuum chamber sealer

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